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Understanding the Impacts of Business Activities on Business and Human Rights

Understanding the Impacts of Business Activities

Minerva BHR Consultancy works with companies to identify and address the adverse human rights and environmental impacts of their operations and business relationships throughout their global value chains. By developing practical tools and approaches to human rights impact and risk assessment, we actively engage with rights holders and stakeholders on the ground to understand their perspectives on adverse impacts.

Focus Area Identification and Prioritisation

Developing Smart Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

Stakeholder Engagement Design and Facilitation

Stakeholder Mapping and Prioritisation

Integration of Human Rights into Merger and Acquisitions (M&As) and Divestment Processes

Awareness Raising and Capacity Building Trainings

Developing Sector-Specific and Country-Specific Guidance on Addressing Human Rights Issues

Developing Heat Maps Based on Contextual and Sectoral Human Rights Risks

Developing Tools to Measure Compliance Supported by Monitoring and Auditing