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Human Rights Due Diligence

Minerva BHR Consultancy assists its clients in deriving a 3600 understanding of how their business activities impact the human rights of their stakeholders and embedding human rights and environmental due diligence processes across their operations and all business relationships in their value chains.

Minerva BHR Consultancy provides consultancy to companies to build their unified human rights due diligence approach and roadmap; hence eliminating any potential necessity to develop ad hoc, individual responses to a particular human rights challenge in the future. It conducts comprehensive and systematic human rights impact assessments to protect the company from hidden and nascent human rights issues that may develop into significant risks (legal, financial, and reputational) for the company in the future.

Moreover, Minerva BHR Consultancy adopts a unique gap assessment approach to measure companies’ existing human rights policies and practices and develop solutions and frameworks tailored to company and sector-wide challenges.

Minerva BHR Consultancy is well-experienced in addressing the needs and expectations of different functions within a company’s organisational structure throughout their human rights compliance journey.

Minerva BHR Consultancy team works with companies on:
Minerva BHR Consultancy team works with companies on:
Minerva BHR Consultancy team works with companies on:

Mapping their supply chains in order to understand the initial steps to be taken

Identification of potential and/or actual human rights risks & impacts associated with their business activities

Scoping and implementation of an appropriate human rights impact assessments on their own operations as well as their suppliers

Engagement with stakeholders (including workers, communities, CSOs) to verify the human rights risks and impacts

Integration of findings from the assessments into companies’ management systems

Analysing gaps in the company’s approach related to assessment and management of human rights issues

Developing and/or improvement of a grievance mechanism that are receptive to the human rights dimension within a complaint

Developing appropriate, feasible, and culturally acceptable action plans to address identified human rights risks and impacts

Reporting on how they have addressed all positive and negative human rights risks and impacts associated with their business activity