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We offer proven human rights expertise, objectivity, and comprehensiveness to our clients in addressing their human rights footprint associated with their business activities.


Founded by Atty. Dr. Çiğdem Çımrın and Atty. Dr. Pınar Kara, Minerva BHR Consultancy is a consultancy company providing services in the field of operational and strategic sustainability with a particular focus on human rights due diligence. Indeed, Minerva BHR Consultancy supports companies in meeting their responsibility to respect human rights throughout their operations and business relationships in their value chains with the purpose of creating long-term value for business and society.

Minerva BHR Consultancy aims to ensure meaningful implementation of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by providing insights and expertise tailored to companies’ individual, contextual and sectoral needs.

Consultancy services, which Minerva BHR creates with a multi-faceted approach empowered by global, regional and local expertise, enable doing business in line with internationally recognized human rights supported by the relevant human rights due diligence legislations and international standards on BHR and ESG.

Minerva BHR works with public, private, and civil society actors to develop and report viable, feasible and practical solutions by acknowledging the need for a multi-stakeholder approach and collaboration for sustainable solutions and practices in both the BHR and ESG fields. Minerva BHR has a global network with a range of highly qualified legal specialists and experts, field researchers and academicians specialised in BHR, ESG and complementary areas.

While many companies do not directly communicate on ‘human rights’, they nevertheless cover several human rights related issues within their existing policies and procedures, such as occupational health and safety policies, sustainability rules or commitments regarding the prohibition of child labour in supplier contracts.


Minerva BHR Consultancy advises companies on how to address human rights related risks and to embed human rights in their business practice by also utilising their already existing capabilities and mechanisms.